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General Terms and Conditions

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Design & Coverage

1. Inclusive of 3 studies + 2 variations or mix.
2. Up to 3 major revision + 2 minor changes.
3. Studies and revisions are submitted in JPEG or PDF format through email.
4. The Final Artwork (FA) will be in Adobe Creative Suite (CS3, 4, or 5) PC platform, presented in a flat layout format. The FA can be sent digitally through Email in a zipped file, together with a digital proof, connected images, and fonts as needed.
5. Adaptation of artwork to another size or application is 30% to 50% of concept fee.
6. Additional fee for an additional set of studies (50% from concept fee).
7. Additional fee for super-logo, special illustration or special images.
8. Additional fee for a printed material or mockup.
9. Additional fee for 3D rendering.
10. Additional manhour fee exceeding allowed revisions.

IMPORTANT: After the initial consultation, a 20% fee will be collected prior to the submission of the studies. If the client cannot provide a design brief, we can create one together with the list of questions we need for validation and design direction.


1. The design process shall be divided into three stages:
A. Initial design of the homepage + 1 Post + 1 Page.
B. Post or Page design is limited to the design template.
C. The rest of the Post or Pages will be completed or populated after the customer makes a final approval of the initial pages, as the final design to be adapted for the rest of the pages.

2. The design is based on an existing template that will be adapted for the customer.
3. Up to 5 major revision + 5 minor changes.
4. Revision is limited to the program or structure of the template.
5. The customer can request for a new design template but payments made for a discontinued website is forfeited.
6. Free installation of plugins required by the customer, limited to plugins or widgets that will not consume more than 3 hours of backend programming.


1. The design will follow an approved story script.
2. Up to 3 major revision + 3 minor changes or up to 3 manhours.

Stock Images and Photography

1. Customers have access to our free stock images with no additional fees.
2. The customer can replace our stock images anytime before an FA is approved.
3. We do studio-quality product photography for a minimum fee, maximum size is 7x7x7 inches.
4. Free minor retouches on image and photography.
5. Additional fees for Premium stock images.

Customer Service & Warranty

1. Customer service is available through email, chat, or phone call.
2. We will resolve a technical issue on an approved final artwork limited to:
(A) Basic color or line adjustments.
(B) Basic text corrections.
(C) Minor artwork movements not exceeding 3 man-hours.

Rights and Royalties

No fees will be collected or maintained pursuant to the design, upon the payment and release of the FA. The artwork or design remains the property of the customer if the total contract price has been settled.

Expiration, Cancellation, and Deferment

1. Project development may extend up to 6 months from the date of the signed Cost Estimate (CE). If the customer delays approval or revision within the allotted response period, the project will expire & there will be no refund of down payment. Editable artwork may be released when the total bill is settled. If the customer wishes to pursue the project, a revised cost estimate shall be agreed upon by both parties.
2. The customer has the right to cancel the project at any point. Down payment will be considered as payment for the concept or studies already submitted and will not be refunded. The editable artwork (final or not) can be released to the customer for their perusal, upon full payment of the total contract price.


1. A down payment of 20% is required prior to the submission of the studies.
2. Payment through Check, Escrow, or PayPal.
3. Fees after the initial design have been submitted is non-refundable.
4. Additional fees for printed materials or mailing fees.
5. Additional fee for succeeding revisions, maintenance or editing in a website project unless stated in the Cost Estimate as free.

Force Majeure

If either party is temporarily unable, by reason of Force Majeure, to meet any of its obligations under this contract, and if such party gives the other party a written notice of the event within seven (7) days after occurrence, such obligations of the party shall be suspended for as long as the inability continues or within a period of one year.


All data and information, obtained verbally or in writing, relative to the project will remain confidential.

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