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Honest take on Siteground hosting

Honest take on Siteground hosting

Why I chose SiteGround over Hostgator, Inmotion, Bluehost, and GreenGeeks Hosting

I’ve tried almost a dozen web hosting companies. I’m going to make this simple – I’ve been sticking with SiteGround that hosts 90% of my sites. I started with small hosting companies. The speed and uptime were decent but it was expensive. I moved to GreenGeeks which was really a nightmare, I must have read fake reviews.


Hostgator was really popular a decade ago. It was the cheapest much like BlueHost. I tried their hosting with one site. The next day, my site was down because CPU executions were too high – talk about limits! Apparently, my plan couldn’t handle eight plugins in my WordPress site. That was really a bummer so I moved to Inmotion and its sister company Webhosting hub in 2012.


If you’re starting a fresh simple website with no plans of adding more, BlueHost is the most affordable because they give you an extra 20% discount on top of their “first time” customer promo. My client wanted to move their website to Bluehost. They asked for $149 when Siteground was charging only $30. Their chat support is slow but not as bad as WebHostingHub and Inmotion. You need patience in de

WebHostingHub and Inmotion affordability

I was happy with WebHostingHub until 2016. They had this “transition” and I experienced frequent downtime. After several months, things went back to normal. A year after, I had pullout several websites because I was again having technical problems. Worse, was that their once rockstar customer service went down to a 20-minutes waiting time. It was reminiscent of the waiting time I had with Hostgator and practically non-existent CS with GreenGeeks.

Honestly, I felt really bad leaving Webhostinghub. I would still recommend them for hosting a personal website that doesn’t have much traffic because of their reasonable pricing and renewal fees.

SiteGround for speed and support

Since I moved to SiteGround in 2016, I’ve never had any downtime or penalties. Many times, it takes less than a minute to get tech support – world-class indeed! They’re very accommodating and extend that “extra help” when you need it. The plus is that it goes with free “Let’s Encrypt,” that gives a good “lock badge” on your URL that helps site SEO. With almost 2M domains hosted for the last 14 years, I thiknk they’re trusworthy.

The bad

I got a good price for three years but renewal price sucks! Even with a 30% discount, what you pay for will double when you renew. Something you should consider if you are hosting several websites.

The good, bottomline

Back-end and tech support are phenomenal! You won’t regret getting a 3-years plan with the discount that goes with it. However, when its about to expire, move to another company for at least a year and move back to SiteGround so you can get the discount again. The hassle is worth it if you want to save at least $200!

To start your website, start by creating your account through → SiteGround.
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