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Services – Website

WordPress Development

• Landing page
• Website Brochure
• Website Magazine
• 1-Page HTML Website
• Social Media Integration

Backend Maintenance

• Domain & Hosting Setup
• Adwords and SEO Setup
• Website maintenance
• UI/UX recommendation

Why WordPress?

Traditionally, the best campaign is a combination of radio, TV, and print. However, it will be difficult for a brand to make it without a website brochure. With smartphones, consumers learn about your products on demand. Approximately 20M websites use WordPress.

Wix, Duda, or WordPress? – WordPress Content Management System (CMS) market share was 60% in 2019. Followed by Joomla at 5% and Drupal at 3%. WordPress was founded in 2003 and Wix in 2006. Despite tons of advertising expenses, Wix shares 1.9% and Duda at .02% of CMS users across the web.

For the eCommerce platform, Shopify tops it at 2.7% and WooCommerce at 3.7%. Interestingly, both these top eCommerce platform are used with WordPress. Point is, the potential of WordPress is limitless because its development is shared by hundreds of thousands of programmers who work together to make this platform constantly better.

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